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Share The Love

"I love your product!  I bought it 2 years ago in Palm Springs and have been using it ever since!  It is the best cleaner; it is safe and no odor.  I won’t even go to my jeweler anymore!  Anytime my friends come over I show them the product on their jewelry and they are shocked and amazed with the results.  Great product!  LOVE IT!"

- Diane C. Ruddy, Bothell, WA


"I really respect a company that makes such a FANTASTIC product!  Over the years I have tried several jewelry cleaners and none of them compare to Razzle Dazzle.  I use Razzle Dazzle on my diamonds that have been my family for generations and they really sparkle.  I have given away the small bottle to family and friends to use and keep telling others about the product.  Great product!  Great job!"

- Laverne Kayne, Roseville, CA


"My husband and I first saw your product in the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.  They cleaned my jewelry and my rings.  We walked away, and my husband commented on how shinny my diamonds were and I was surprised because he doesn’t notice a lot of things.  He made me go back and purchase the product.  I have been using it ever since on my wedding band, diamond studs and bracelet.  I love it!  It is a great product and does a terrific job!"

- Carla Lenhoff, Studio City, CA


"Hello, I just want to tell you how much we enjoy your product.  While on a visit to Las Vegas we met one of your team members.  She was very nice and cleaned our wedding rings and glasses.  Well let me tell you our wedding rings looked like they did when we got married 6 years ago.  I bought the entire set.  Went into the natural sunlight and my diamonds shined so beautifully.  I threw out the other jewelry cleaner we already had.  Thank You for such a wonderful product.  It keeps the fog off the mirrors and the car wind shield.  We are happy that you finally have the web page up and running so I could tell you about how happy we are with Razzle Dazzle."

- Your Happy Customers Romie & Suzette Palmer :) in National City, CA


"I race motorcycles and drag race.  When I drag race at night the visor on my helmet fogs up and when you are racing at 200-300mph that can be very dangerous.  This is such a problem for our industry as nothing else works.  Your product was recommended by one of the NHRA drag racing teams.  It really works!"

- Larry Winter, Lansing, IL


"I am a diamond freak!  This product cleans jewelry like nobody’s business.  I love it!  I clean my girlfriend’s rings all the time…"

- Lisa DiMaria, Indio, CA


"Razzle Dazzle is the best jewelry cleaner I have ever used.  My diamonds just sparkle and it works great on cut gemstones.  The Miracle Cloth is unbelievable!  I use it on my watch that I have had for years to remove tarnish.  It is absolutely wonderful."

- Diane Smith, Houston, TX 


"I own a lot of jewelry and I use to use the standard cleaners with ammonia and my stones would fall out.  When I started using your product I was hooked.  My jewelry looks phenomenal!  I have never had a problem with any of my stones and it works like no other jewelry cleaner that I have ever tried.  When my girlfriends come over and I clean their rings they are AMAZED with the results!  Phenomenal product!"

- Judy, Jacksonville, FL



“This product is my cleaning genius, I find it works AMAZING on my granite, you can see your reflection after you use it. It works on everything when it comes to cleaning your house!”

- Adriana F., Canada



"I originally started using Razzle Dazzle Jewelry Cleaner after buying it at a kiosk in a mall in Las Vegas.  It is the greatest jewelry cleaner I have ever used.  My diamonds sparkle, sparkle, sparkle.  We also purchased a small bottle that sprays and it is great for computer screens, flat screen TV’s and also great for navigation screens in your vehicle.  I love this product.  My daughter-in-law purchased some at the same time and she loves it too.  Thanks for such a great jewelry cleaner and screen cleaner."

- Brenda Anderson, Oklahoma


"Bought Razzle Dazzle while on vacation in Las Vegas.  Have really enjoyed using it!  My ring and my jewelry always look so nice, shiny and clean.  My friends even ask me what I use.  My niece bought some at the same time and I am buying it again!"

- Jeanette Jacoby, Plant City, FL




"I just think Razzle Dazzle is the best thing ever!  I use to clean my windows, mirrors and jewelry.  If you want anything to shine just use Razzle Dazzle.  I love this product! It does a great job."

- Jean Cox, Seattle, WA




"I bought the product several years and I really like it.  I use it on all my jewelry!  I am taking some back to my mother in Brazil!"

- Solange Dunman, Austin, TX




"Love your product!  My cousin showed it to me while I was in New York and I had to get it for myself.  The cloth is amazing!  I used it to clean the silver tube where I keep my marriage certificate as it had turned black."

- Raquel Hernandez, Miami, FL




"I am in the jewelry business and I have tried so many cleaners I can’t even count! Razzle Dazzle does the job quickly and easily.  I can’t say enough about the product!!!  I love it!!!  My nephew is getting married now and I am sending it to his finance!"

- Paige Clements, Fayetteville, GA




"Razzle Dazzle is amazing!  It turns a piece of jewelry into something really beautiful. It revitalized my ring and brought it back to life."

- Helen Hinton, Saltillo, Mexico



"My customers are amazed by the product!  They like the fact that the product is free of ammonia, abrasives or any harmful chemicals.  Razzle Dazzle is an excellent product because it really works and I have been selling it for years!!!"

- Penolia Mathis, Detroit, MI




"I purchased Razzle Dazzle at a kiosk in Las Vegas a couple of years ago and I use it to clean my diamond rings.  The results are so good!  I wish more places carried it because I need to purchase more!"

- Sana Jamil, Michigan




"I love it!  I went to a family reunion and we went to a mall where they called me over to clean my jewelry.  I was hesitant because I had had my jewelry cleaned 2 days earlier.  WOW!  I had to have this product!  That was two years ago and I am ordering again.  It is a great product!"

- David Sloan, Westerville, OH




"My daughter-in-law introduced me to this product and I was very pleased with the results!  I use it on my jewelry and my glasses.  I am now ordering it again for myself, for her and for a friend.  Thank you!"

- Garnita Henson, Centralia, IL




"I purchased Razzle Dazzle about 12 years ago while I was traveling and I love this stuff!  I use it on my rings.  I drop them in the jewelry container with the basket and let them sit while I put on my makeup.  When I done with my makeup, I pull out my rings, rinse them and they sparkle for the longest time.  It is wonderful!  My daughter recently got engaged and I am buying it for her now."

- Marcia Guinn, Riverside, CA



"I first saw your product in Las Vegas.  I use it on my mirrors, my granite countertops, my jewelry and eyeglasses.  The product is great!  I use it on so many things and it actually works!!!"

- Lyanah Bradley, Sacramento, CA




"Razzle Dazzle really works!  It gives my wedding ring an unbelievable shine!!!  I own a fitness boot camp in California and I am constantly getting it dirty.  I am really happy with the results!  Thank you."

- Jayani Moore, Thousand Oaks, CA




"Hello, I LOVE your product and have been using it for about 6 years.  I bought it in Las Vegas twice.  I don't want to use the web site to order a new supply.  I'd rather buy it in person.  Thank you!"

- Linda Welter, Sacramento, CA




"My cousin introduced me to your product.  When I cleaned my eye glasses with Razzle Dazzle, I told her I can saw the light!!!  She also saw my bracelets, I go the pool a lot, and told me they were dull and dirty.  I told her that I had just cleaned them.   She said those are not clean!  When she cleaned them I was amazed they looked new again and I could see the little diamonds in them were shinning again.  It made such a difference!  My aunt and I both decided to get some!?

- Gwendolyn Berman, Baltimore, MD




"My wife found this product and uses it in the ultrasonic cleaner to clean all her jewelry!  I use it on my eye glasses.  I am so happy I found your product online!"

- Justin Rosenboom, Boyden, IA 




"My daughter-in-law purchased your product in Las Vegas and it is wonderful!!  We were both really impressed with the product and the results!  I am have an online jewelry business and also have jewelry shows and am interested in carrying your product for resale."

- Cindy Chow, Saskatchewan, Canada



"I bought the product in Las Vegas and it is terrific.  It is the best cleaner I have ever used.  I love it!"

- Carol Gramolini, New Rochelle, NY




"I saw Razzle Dazzle demonstrated and had to have it!  I have been using Razzle Dazzle for years and I love it!  I have introduced my friends to it and am now buying it for 3 other people…"

- Linda Perrette, Bradley Beach, NJ




"I bought Razzle Dazzle in Las Vegas and it really works well.  I use it to clean my eye glasses and coffee tables.  It cleans without leaving any streaks!  I am reordering the 16oz!"

- Judith Knox, La Mesa, CA




"I love it! I love the way that I can just drop my ring in and pull it out and it sparkles like a gem!"

- Tana Eacret, Roseville, MI




"I think Razzle Dazzle is WONDERFUL!  My family and friends who come and visit use the product and they love it.  I use it mostly on my jewelry and it is wonderful.  I am ordering again for myself and ordering some small bottles as well for gifts."

- Betty Bremser, Fountain Hills, AZ




"I use Razzle Dazzle on all my jewelry!  I spray it on my rings and other jewelry, use a brush and rinse with water.  It takes a second and my jewelry comes out brilliant looking!  It makes my jewelry sparkling.  It is a great product.  The results are amazing!  Now that I am it buying again, I will use it more often."

- Patty Katz, Tampa, FL




"A few years ago I bought your product in the US and have been using it in Canada.  That being my first real cleaner thought they all worked like this.  Being down in the US a lot now I bought some jewelry cleaner at a department store and started to use that.  I quickly realized that my jewelry did not sparkle as much as it did when I used your product. It was basically soap and left a film over the diamonds.

"Since it had been a few years I searched around in Phoenix for your product and did not find it.  I have now ordered it on line to use again.  It is funny but if I had not tried your product in the first place in a mall kiosk I would never have seen how well it works.  I am anxious to use the product again as I know how well it works.


"I hope to see this product in more places as I think it works the best.  It is very convenient just to spray a little on and the difference is amazing.  The travel size container is a great idea."


 - Thanks again, Elisabeth Swail, Calgary Alberta, Canada


"My sister introduced me to the product, she has been using for years!  I have been using Razzle Dazzle now for over 2 years and I love it!  I have given some to my daughter and to my friends and now I am in need of more!  Great product!"

- Sandra Theriault, Flagler Beach, FL



"I was introduced to your product while in Las Vegas.  A guy called me over to clean my ring and my Hawaiian bracelet.  When he was done I was so impressed, I bought two bottles!  On my next trip back I am going to pick up some more.  I really, really like it!"

- Glynis Bernard, Hawaii



"I have been using your product for about 8 years.  I first saw your product in Las Vegas and I really like it because I never have to worry about my jewelry.  It is safe on my pearls and my other jewelry.  I love the product!"

- Cheryl Doherty, Brookfield, WI



"Very good product!  I use it on my jewelry and eyeglasses."

- Karen Jeter, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA



"I was in a mall is Boston many years ago and purchased Razzle Dazzle.  I use it on my rings.  My rings stay cleaner longer and sparkle so much more!"

- Terry Metras, Pleasanton, CA



"I saw Razzle Dazzle in a mall and was really impressed with the product.  I use it mainly on my jewelry and computer screens.  I like the fact that there is no ammonia and no odor.  The polishing cloth works really well too.  I am really amazed with the results every time!"

- Ruth Kiddcox, Lansdale, PA



"I was introduced to your product about 5 years ago and have been hooked ever since.  We use it all the time on our diamonds, gold and silver.  It is an excellent product!"

 - Dana Sanders, Seattle, WA



"I have been using Razzle Dazzle for years now.  I use it on my all my jewelry and mirrors.  Recently, my husband bought me a steamer to cleaner my jewelry and I use Razzle Dazzle in it.  My jewelry looks awesome!  I love the product.  My friend uses it now too!"

- Terri Williams, Chickasha, OK